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Твір з англійської:Places of Interest in Ukraine/ Визначні місця і пам’ятки України.

Ukraine is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in East Europe. In ancient times it was known as Kievan Rus, which is why its current capital is named Kiev. The country has a fascinating history and rich culture. Apart from historic monuments, churches, museums, palaces, Ukraine is full of natural wonders, such as mountains, beaches, rivers, and simply beautiful landscapes. Perhaps most of all the locals like visiting the Carpathian Mountains region, especially in winter. It’s considered to be the Green Pearl of Ukraine. This place is a mix of green areas, forests, meadows and humans living in a harmony with nature. The largest and the most bountiful city of sights is Kiev, of course. Millions of tourists visit it every year to see the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Dnipro River, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, the Mariyinsky Palace, the Khreschatyk and other places of interest. The oldest church in the country is St. Sophia’s Cathedral, which was built in 1037. For many centuries it was an important cultural and political center of Kievan Rus. It is highly recommended to the visitors of Kiev to stroll along the ancient street of Adriyivsky Uzvis which is now the home to numerous art galleries, cafes and exhibits. People say that one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine is Lviv. It is a very poetic city of ancient and relatively new architecture. The city was once the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and then Poland. One of the most interesting places in Lviv is the 16th century market with its square – Ploshcha Rynok. Another old city of great cultural importance is Kamyanets-Podilsky. It is striking for the harmonious blend of landscape and architecture. Although the city suffered from destruction and rebuilding the old section has preserved its unique charm.

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